Wishery Entertainment characters are based off of public domain characters.

No copyright infringement intended.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Our terms of service, included in the booking contract that must be signed by the client in order to book an appearance, are as follows:

            Your correspondent for event arrangements will provide you with a total quote at the time of booking confirmation. Please note the following fees that may be included in your total.

                               • Package prices are based upon events held within 20 miles of the performer's location.

                                  Exceeding 20 miles incurs an additional $0.50 per extra mile round-trip.


                               • In the case that a Deluxe package party is held for more than one birthday girl, there
be an additional $10 coronation ceremony add-on fee for each additional birthday girl.


                A deposit fee is necessary in order to secure the booking. In the case that you must cancel your event after booking, the deposit nonrefundable. The remaining balance is to be given to the performer(s) discreetly in an envelope at the end of the appearance in cash. If you find your experience with us exceeds your expectations, additional gratuities are welcome.

Performers will remain in character for the entire duration of their visit.

Please refrain from asking them personal or out-of-character questions!

                  Wishery Entertainment’s actor(s) present at any event is/are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances that may hinder performer arrival time or performance. Furthermore, our performers attend events to provide entertainment, not childcare; performers are not responsible for unwatched or unaccompanied children. Neither is Wishery Entertainment responsible for the safety of anyone present at the event.

                  Wishery Entertainment employs multiple performers for each character and cannot guarantee any particular performer for an event.

                  Wishery Entertainment provides its own costumes, supplies, and equipment for appearances. If any individual(s) other than the company’s performer(s) cause(s) damage to any of the aforementioned effects provided by Wishery Entertainment, the company is not responsible and will take action against you as the host if necessary.

Performers must stay on a schedule. If a delay is caused in the flow of events, there may not be enough time to complete every activity. Performers will try their best to complete every activity before the end of the appearance.

                  Our performers wear heavy outfits and costumes, as well as character makeup. Therefore, to ensure our performers’ safety, all character appearances must be held indoors.

                  If a performer feels as though he/she is in a threatening, hostile, unsafe, hazardous, or unsanitary environment, he/she retains the right to leave the event with full compensation from the client. Performers also reserve the right to refuse to provide services if the client is negligent, absent, disrespectful, under the influence of any foreign substance or conducts any inappropriate behaviors or comments, sexual harassment, or solicitation of any kind directed towards the performer.

                  If anyone who would be in attendance at the party contracts a contagious illness, it is required that the appearance be cancelled/rescheduled.

                  Characters provided by Wishery Entertainment are not copyrighted. They are generic characters based on legends, folk tales, and fairy tales; Wishery Entertainment is not associated with any major film or merchandise companies and does not advertise its services as trademarked character entertainment.