Wishery Entertainment characters are based off of public domain characters.

No copyright infringement intended.

Wildwood Fairies

My daughter's eyes

just lit up!

She was so beautiful and

the kids loved her!

You won't find these magical fairies anywhere else!

Each of our original characters has been specially created with

a unique personality and story.

Your child will be delighted when a real woodland pixie comes to visit. The fairies' special wishmaking birthday tradition will be a memory to cherish, and your child will enjoy fairy games and activities as their dreams take flight!





$10 - Add our fairy coronation ceremony to your Golden or Diamond package!

The character will crown the birthday girl an honorary fairy of the Wildwood, complete with the hearing of a royal proclamation and a flower crown keepsake!

Please note that some activities in our Golden and Diamond packages are exchanged to include others, such as the wishmaking ceremony, fairy games, and ribbon dancing.

Turn your party into a fairyland festival with the Wildwood Dream Package!

Includes two characters, plus our honorary fairy ceremony.