Wishery Entertainment characters are based off of public domain characters.

No copyright infringement intended.

Our Priorities

A Story Come to Life

Quality counts. That's why we only dress our characters in the most authentic costumes and ensure that our performers look, act, and sound just as they should.


Want to really see the difference? Visit our "Why Wishery?" page.

"They were in character the

entire time... their costumes and

makeup were amazing!"

Sit Back and Relax

For the duration of her stay, the character will direct the flow of the party, engaging the children in the activities included in your package of choice. The experience is meant to not only be a dream for the children, but also a no-hassle party plan for you.

"I have never seen a group

of 4-year-olds sit so still."

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

Your experience with Wishery Entertainment will be one that your child remembers forever. Our goal is to make your child's special day absolutely magical through our quality character performances, and your guests are sure to be dazzled as well.

"Wishery is the best at what they do! Thank you for making my daughter's birthday so special."

About Emily Grace    performer
About Sarah    owner, performer
Fairytales and princess films have inspired me throughout my entire life. There are so many lessons of love, courage, and positivity to be learned from these stories and each princess is strong in her own ways.

I believe in the pursuit of one's dreams and the power of art and performance to unify people. It is my hope that every person, regardless of age, who encounters a Wishery character, is encouraged to keep believing in magic, even if only for a moment. I am forever grateful to my husband and family, who have helped make Wishery possible in more ways

than I can express.

About Anna    performer
Characters: Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Ice Princess, Tinker Bell, Pirate Fairy

Anna has performed both musically and theatrically for many years and is a jazz pianist and vocalist local to the Hampton Roads area.

Anna's spare time is filled with tending to her plants, brewing tea, listening to jazz records, and reading travel novels.

About Christian    performer

Characters: Sailor Prince, Beast Prince Tower Prince, Dust-Keeper Fairy

Christian is a software developer who has an artistic side and love for drama. He

has experience performing in community theatre and has always enjoyed getting into character.


In his spare time, Christian enjoys building computers and making music.

About Delaney    performer
Characters: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Ice Princess, Tinker Bell
Since Delaney was a child on stage for the first time she has dreamed of entertaining in theater and song. Her passion and stage experiences have led her to pursue an English/Theater Teaching Degree at CNU.
Cinderella's song is "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," and Delaney would love to inspire the "heart's wish" of your child as she puts her own talents and dreams
to work for you!
About Emily Grace    performer
Characters: Belle, Brave Princess, Snow Queen
Emily Grace is an actor from the DC area and recent graduate from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Music Theater-Dance.
Recent credits include Kate Rushton in Working at TheaterCNU, Vivienne Kensington I’m Legally Blonde at TheaterCNU, and Heather Duke in Heathers at Generic Theatre.
About Anya    performer
Characters: Arabian Princess, Pocahontas, Wayfinder
Anya is a classically trained musician with a background in both vocal and guitar studies. Before moving to Hampton Roads, she majored in music performance at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is thankful for the opportunity to work with Wishery in making fairytales come to life.

Outside of performing, Anya is passionate about film photography, creating cosplay designs, and practicing calligraphy. 

About Christian    performer
Character: Aladdin
Christian began performing on stage in high school. He has grown up loving the tales of Aladdin and is excited to bring the character to life. He is currently performing in shows at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and is excited to continue his acting career!
In addition to theatre and character performance, Christian enjoys the worlds of film, theme park design, and photography.