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Inspire & Empower.

Every girl needs to know that she is strong, beautiful, and capable of incredible things.


Our goal is to inspire young girls to believe in their inner princess and empower them to rule themselves with confidence. Messages of kindness and gentleness, strength and sacrifice, ring throughout the fairytales we love, and we bring these stories to life.

Authentic, tiara to toe.

Children are often the most observant of all people, and they know their favorite characters like best friends.

Every detail matters. We outfit our characters in luxurious gowns and theatrical-grade wigs, with makeup and finishing touches that complete an entirely authentic, theme park-style appearance.

A story come to life.

Our princesses are cast based on character integrity, and our talented team trained to embody them precisely.


Voice, vocabulary, mannerisms, movement, and more: every aspect must come together for a truly believable experience, and our cast is here to deliver.

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