Wishery Entertainment characters are based off of public domain characters.

No copyright infringement intended.

Frequently Asked Questions

(For questions about our rewards program, visit our WishBack FAQ.)

How do I book a party?
Visit our Contact Us page and send us a message to book, discuss options, or ask questions not listed here.
Where are you located and how far can you travel?
Wishery Entertainment is based out of Norfolk, Virginia and is currently available for parties within the Hampton Roads area (including locations in Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Smithfield, Carrollton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Yorktown, and Gloucester). For information on mileage fees, please see our travel policy on on our Terms and Conditions page.
How far in advance do I need to book?
Please inquire at least 7 days prior to your event. Ideally, we ask that clients inquire at least 4 weeks prior. Although we have managed very short-notice arrangements before, our schedule fills up quickly. At the same time, we can only book events up to 3-4 months out. This means that if you would like to book characters for an event that is more than four months away, you will be added to a holding list.
Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes. In order to officially book with us, you will need to sign a contract of our terms and conditions of service. You will need to print, sign, and re-send the contract either by scanning it or by taking clear photos with a smartphone.
How do I pay?
We require a deposit fee (paid via PayPal) and a signed copy of our party contract to reserve your spot on our schedule. In the event you must cancel your booking, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance is to be paid to the performer discreetly at the end of the appearance in cash, in an envelope.
Do I need to include a tip?
Tips are not required, but if you find that you are exceedingly pleased with your experience, gratuities are much appreciated.
What are the ages you accommodate?
Due to the interactive nature of our character services, the recommended minimum age for birthday children and their guests is three years.
Can boys come to the party?
Absolutely! All activities in our party packages accommodate both girls and boys.
Do I need to provide anything?
The princess will bring everything needed for the activities! The only thing the host must provide is a chair for the character and an open floor space where the children can sit.
Can the character perform outdoors?
No, we require all party appearances to take place indoors (in a temperature-regulated space) for the safety of our performers and for the best experience possible.
Can I book a smaller package and then, during the party, decide to upgrade so the princess can stay longer?
No. The princess will bring the necessary supplies only for the package you selected when you first booked the party. In addition, she may have multiple parties to attend on the same day, so she must keep to the original schedule.
Do you only do birthday parties?
Character visits are perfect for nearly any occasion! Birthday parties are the most common events for character appearances, but we are available for other various children's events, home visits, hospital visits, libraries, schools, and much more! If you would like to schedule a custom birthday appearance such as a classroom visit, just contact us to make arrangements. We would be happy to create a personalized engagement for you!