Our community makes the magic of Wishery possible.

Join WishBack rewards to earn points for your support and redeem for discounts and gifts.



10 Points


Gold  -  50 Points

Diamond  -  75 Points

Deluxe  -  100 Points

Slumber Party  -  65 Points

Public Events

15 Points



100 Points = $10 off booking

150 Points = Coronation add-on


300 Points = Princess Parcel

400 Points = Video Message

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How do I earn points for referrals?

If someone lists your name as their referral on a contact form and successfully books, you'll earn 10 points for helping us spread the magic.

How do I earn points for attending public events?

If you visit our characters at a public event and post a photo to our Facebook, you'll earn 15 points for your support.

Do points for past bookings count?

Yes! We have all past bookings on file and will credit you with any points you may have accrued from booking with us.

Do points for past public events count?

Only public events at or after the time of sign-up contribute to your points credit. Stay up-to-date on Facebook for upcoming appearances you can attend!

Can I give my points to someone else?

No, WishBack points cannot be transferred to another client.

How do I redeem my points?

Send us a message via our Contact page and let us know what discount/gift you would like to redeem for your points.